Transformational! From avoiding exercise as best she can, to the gym being her 2nd home and smashing a marathon walk for charity.

“They find solutions to problems you didn’t know you had which make such a massive difference to both your physical and mental wellbeing. I cannot recommend highly enough.”

Gym Goer and Marathon Charity Walker, ReBalance client since 2020


Injury Assessment and Treatment
Sports Massage

Clare came to us in early 2020, close to the start of her journey and the first Covid-19 lockdown. She had shoulder pain with her day-to-day movements when lifting her arm up away from her body, this was due to the non-existent training and activity she had done before starting a 4-week challenge at B! Health and Fitness.

We got Clare booked in for an Injury Assessment and Treatment and we diagnosed her problem as subacromial impingement. We developed a tailored treatment plan based on her highlighted needs to get her back to pain free movement so that she could focus on her training and improvements towards her goals.

Despite Clare trying to fool us in the fact that she had actually done her rehab exercises a couple of times (we can always tell if you don’t!), we were able to reduce her pain quickly and alongside the team at B! with their personal training sessions, we kept her on top of her exercises and got her back to training pain free again.

“Absolutely fantastic service as always, Abby is so knowledgeable and you always feel in extremely capable hands. Abby finds solutions to problems you didn’t know you had which make such a massive difference to both your physical and mental wellbeing. I cannot recommend highly enough.

From then, nothing could stop her. She has gone from being overweight, no exercise, smoking, and suffering two small strokes due to Meningitis on the brain, which at the time, altered her eye sight, gait and reduced the strength on the left side of her body. To now, where the gym is her second home and family – she is there 5 times a week for her own sessions, personal training sessions and spin classes (we also see her socialising a lot too!).

Her transformation is absolutely unbelievable and she is looking fantastic! She has lost a lot of weight, gained a lot of confidence and is smashing her targets. What a fantastic achievement.

This year she accepted the challenge with a few other gym members and staff at B! Health and Fitness to complete a charity walk in Brixham. This wasn’t just any walk – this was a 42km, marathon distance walk, over extremely steep south west coast path terrain. So, this was always going to be a tough challenge to accept for Clare as this was above and beyond her fitness levels. Despite the few hurdles she has encountered, with the stress her work and personal life has thrown at her during her training – she managed to keep focused and stayed on top of what she needed to do. We had a few physical hurdles along the way too but we were able to keep the pain under control with hands on treatment, whilst we adapted her walk training to match her tolerance and progressively built the distances back up, we also altered Clare’s training program and conditioning in the gym to meet our treatment goals.

Her hard work and determination in combination with our expertise, meant she not only got back on track, she got through the most intense training period and improved her physical ability and made it to the start line of the walk event! Now, the walk did try to break her because of the under-estimated terrain difficulty, but she was determined to power through and she smash it and got to the finish line. Clare individually raised over £2000, and as a team they raised over £8000 for The Alzheimer’s Society.

An incredible attitude and achievement! We are so very proud of you. You’ve smashed it!

Clare values the focused and wider benefits she feels from our appointments and she has decided to invest in herself and her physical health by complimenting her future training with regular appointments with us. This will help keep her on track and focused towards her training and improving any weaknesses.

We look forward to continue working alongside Clare and see her hit her future targets.