Online Consultations

We have taken the Sports Therapy consultation process online. An online consultation means that you can still get your injury assessed and diagnosed through a video consultation so that your rehab journey can start whilst in the comfort of your own home.

What’s involved…

The Basics


£15 for every 15 minutes.


Please allow up to 60 minutes for the initial consultation.

Follow up appointments may last up to 45 minutes.

The Process

Through a video call, we will discussion your injury and symptoms, your lifestyle and your goals.

We assess your movement and provide a diagnosis of your injury, and then an individualised treatment plan will be created to help relieve your symptoms and target the cause of the issue.

You will receive a report containing your diagnosis, advice, and recommendations. We provide support in between appointments; we are always at the end of a call or email.

We know what you’re thinking…

How can a Sports Therapy appointment be performed online?

Sports Therapy is often perceived as a hands on profession, however, an online consultation means that you can still get advice to improve your pain and injury through a video consultation in the ease of your home at a time that suits you. ​

Most injuries involving joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves (musculoskeletal injuries) are suitable for treatment trhough an online consultation. A big part of making a diagnosis in clinical practice is made from carefully listening to the history of the problem, combined with the findings of specific movement tests.

Rehabilitation for physical health has moved away from a reliance on complex machines and manual techniques. Research has shown that the most effective way of treating injuries is by providing a mixture of carefully graded rest and exercise. Therefore, recovery from an injury has moved towards structured rehabilitation plans that you as a client can carry out yourself under guidance.

“This proactive approach to therapy enabled me to stay active and optimistic!”

“As a long-time distance runner, I was genuinely afraid that I might be facing the end – the pain was that intense.  After treatment and hard work, I was able to run the Jurassic Coast 30km challenge and finished in third place!”

Ultra-marathon runner and ReBalance client

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