We are pain and injury experts, offering Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy services in Exeter, Honiton and Ilminster. We are here to support you in your journey on the road to recovery towards a pain free, more active lifestyle. No matter where you’re starting or what your goals are, we love to help you achieve them!

Katie, Ultra-Marathon Runner and ReBalance Client Since 2020.
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At ReBalance we aim to work in partnership with you to support you in meeting your needs, minimise physical restrictions and to maximise function. We not only ease your aches and pains, but we identify and help modify the cause of these, leading to a long term happier, healthier, and more active lifestyle, whatever that looks like for you.

We Are Here to Help

We believe in root cause analysis to ensure that we are not only treating your current aches and pains but identifying and correcting the cause of these. We see evidence-based practice, hands on treatment and movement central to the meaning of being healthy and functional.

Shoulder pain

Neck pain

Elbow pain

Wrist pain

Sports Injuries

Back pain

Hip and Pelvis pain

Knee pain

Ankle pain

Foot pain


Our Services

Injury Assessment and Treatment

A comprehensive assessment, explanation of your diagnosis, tailored treatment and rehabilitation to support you throughout your recovery.

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Sports Massage

A focus treatment of sports massage on known problem areas to maintain flexibility, recover from sports and help reduce stress and tension.

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A thorough assessment of your pain, followed by a focused treatment of Acupuncture in the areas that are highlighted as significant.

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Online Consultations

A full assessment, diagnosis and rehab plan through video consultation, all completed without leaving your home and when it’s most convenient for you.

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“I made it through my Ironman”

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ReBalance to anyone, be it for general maintenance or for preventative treatment whilst going through a tough training period.”

Triathlete and ReBalance client

Our Approach

Our core mission at ReBalance Injury Clinic is to get to the source of your pain to ensure you stay symptom free. We back our approach to ensure we do our very best to support you and your needs so that you feel fully confident in your rehab journey.

We get to know you and your history

We get to know you, your goals and your history of any injuries or niggles. Which helps us to truly understand your complaints to gain maximum benefits.

We get to the root cause of the problem

We complete a thorough assessment to better understand how you move and your restrictions.

We help to reduce and manage your pain

We work together to develop a treatment and rehabilitation plan to get you on the road towards your goals.

We support you in your full journey

We ensure we are here for you if you have any questions or concerns, to support you and guide you towards your goals.