24 hours of Exercise and Raising Over £2400 for Charity!


All Round Superstar and ReBalance client since 2021


Injury Assessment and Treatment
Sports Massage
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Julie is one of our lovely clients that we have been seeing for both injury assessment and treatment, alongside sports massage for over a year now.

Julie originally came to us for an ongoing lower back issue, we completed the assessment, got to the root cause of the issue and planned her rehabilitation program to fit with her current training.

We discussed her goals and very quickly learnt that she is determined and ambitious. We found out that she had decided to challenge herself to the Ultra Endurance Challenge in aid of ARC Axminster & Cruse Bereavement Care. These charities are pretty close to Julie’s heart, both supporting those with mental health support, which is a problem too common in our society today.

Julie’s challenge took place whilst still under our old brand, AR Sports Therapy – Julies story is just too good not to share!

The challenge set was to complete 24 hours of non-stop exercise! Activities included personal training sessions, walking, rowing, cycling, jogging, spinning, HIIT, weight training, cycling, sea swimming, walking, paddle boarding, kayaking, and yoga.
Alongside B! Health and Fitness, we then aided her ongoing training and rehabilitation around the activities which were included in the event schedule, to ensure she had the strength and endurance to complete the challenge (which of course, we knew she would).

We had the pleasure of helping her through her training, treating her small niggles that arose, providing maintenance treatments to aid her recovery and best prepare her for her training, over the months of hard training leading up to the big event.

A few months before the big event, her training was building for a planned 15-hour preparation event and just a couple of days beforehand, Julie hobbled in with a calf injury. It was nothing too serious and we got her through the full 15 hours! Now it was time for a bit of recovery and to nip this injury in the bud!

The 24-hour challenge itself soon came around, and Julie was ready to go, We were all confident in Julie’s ability to make it through the event and get to 24 hours of exercise. We were on hand during the event to support any niggles that may have popped up. In all honesty, she didn’t really need us, her physical ability that she developed through the dedication she made to her training and preparation was second to none and she smashed the 24 hours with a smile! Single handily raising over £2400, above her target, for her chosen charities.

Very well done Julie! We are in awe of your achievement and we are so pleased to be able to help you achieve your goals!